4591 deaths in the Usa in 24 hours, but Trump wants to reopen the America and presents his plan


Published on Apr 17, 2020


Only a couple of days ago from the United States, came reassuring news. It was enough that the number of victims of the pass from 2500 to 2000 to start to believe that the downturn had arrived. And that's not happening to those that many had wished. And so while in some states from the Usa you go down in the square ( provoking consciously the risk of most infections) to protest against the lockdown, the number of the dead rises again, and writes a record dramatic for the country. The news came this night are dramatic: deaths from coronavirus in the United States, flies for a record amount of 4.591 in 24 hours. And’ what emerges from an analysis conducted by the Wall Street Journal on data from the John Hopkins University. The previous record daily was 2.569 dead. There are a total 33.286 deaths from the beginning of the emergency. The number of new infections, 31.451, is more or less in line with that of the previous days and brings the total to 671mila. The numbers suggest that the descent stage is far, but in spite of this, given the pressures many americans, the president, Trump has decided to submit a plan for reopening. The lockdown can't last forever, and it matters little if in one day there were 4591 victims.

It is also true that in America, there are many states in which the infection has not spread ( we might say, as happened in the South of Italy, where the number of new cases cala day to day, unlike what happens in the North of Italy continues to have a constant curve).

The U.s. States that already covered in the standards “can literally re-open tomorrow“. He said the president Donald Trump during the press conference about the new federal guidelines to re-open in America after the lockdown for the coronavirus. The new directive provides for three stages of relaxation of restrictions, in stages, if you meet the criteria listed, even if the decision is made, however, to the governors. The first phase of the relaxation poses as its main condition the decline of infections and the number of admissions for 14 consecutive days, and Trump has stated that the States that already comply with these standards can reopen immediately. Hinder, however, the governors who seek to better assess the conditions in order to avoid a second wave of infection that could be in any way more destructive than the first. It happens all over the world for the first time faces a complex situation such as the one you are experiencing.

When it speed up with these re-openings if then you could have a second wave of even more destructive devasterebbe all also from the psychological point of view?

And it's not a case that while Trump launches these new guidelines from New York and arrive well in other positions. The New York governor, democrat Andrew Cuomo, the extension until may 15, all restrictions and closures already in place for a month .

On the website of the White House, however, was published a file where you explain the guidelines to follow for those who want to exit the lockdown and “reopen”.

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