4 Android Wedding Planner Apps to Help You Stay Organized


Published on Apr 15, 2019


Your big day is some weeks away and you have a long to-do list. How do you stay organized? Here are wedding planner apps you can actually use. Read on!

After the initial excitement of a proposal and starting your life with a new partner, the reality of wedding planning sets in. This is a special day that you can share with your closest family and friends -- but sometimes, the details threaten to overwhelm your happiness. 

Wedding to-do lists are a mile long and it can seem impossible to keep everything straight. If you don't have the budget for a professional wedding planner but need all the help you can get, check out these wedding planner apps instead! 

1. The Wedding Planner

If you have lists on lists and keep a separate planner for every area of your life, this app is right up your alley. Not only will it help you stay organized -- keeping your shopping list, to-do list, and guest lists all in one place -- but it can also help you discover vendors and send you scheduling reminders.
This is a great app for managing everything related to your big day. This is probably best suited for people who have everything planned in their mind and just need to record their thoughts somewhere.

2. LadyMarry Wedding Planner
If you want to stay organized and get a little bit of guidance, try out the LadyMarry Wedding Planner app. Not only does it offer you a way to organize absolutely everything related to your wedding, but it will also give you tips about how to tackle all of the planning in the first place. 
Not sure how to reserve a block of hotel rooms? Need to learn what the proper invitation etiquette is? This app has all that and more. Plus, you can easily collaborate with other people, so you can see if Mom has actually called the catering company yet. 

3. Wedding Lookbook

While planning the logistics of a wedding are difficult enough, there's one show-stopping detail that lots of people get stuck on -- the wedding dress.
Choosing a wedding dress is definitely a difficult task, especially since there are so many different styles. Plus, that's not the only outfit you need to plan. There are also bridesmaids' dresses, flower girl outfits, mother of the bride...
The Wedding Lookbook app lets you sort through your favorite styles, save your favorites, and will even give you recommendations based on your activity. 

4. Adobe Spark

Designing your invitation is important, but it shouldn't break the bank. Adobe actually has an app to help you make DIY wedding invitations that look professionally designed. 
This app makes it as easy as possible -- you can choose from dozens of different layouts, browse pre-curated pictures (or upload your own), and use their user-friendly interface to design your invites right on your phone. 

Which of These Wedding Planner Apps Is for You? 
There are a ton of Android wedding planner apps out there to help you plan your big day. Whether you're an event planning novice or can double-check an invoice in your sleep, these apps can help you focus on what's really important -- enjoying your wedding day. 
Check out the rest of our Android posts to see what else your phone can help you with. 




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