20 years that we are Italian tonight, the last episode with guests and greetings from Gigi d'alessio and Vanessa Incontrada


Published on Dec 13, 2019


We have reached the grand final. You close this evening with the experience of 20 years that we are Italian on Rai 1. What's going to happen in the third episode aired on the 13th of December 2019 on the day of Santa Lucia? Also in the third round, a rich cast of guests will accompany Gigi D'alessio and Vanessa Incontrada, that you will have fun and will excite the audience through the story of their first 20 years, from Italian, and as in this time they changed the customs, the ways and the tastes in our country.

Last week, big show moments, such as the monologue, Vanessa Incontrada that has left its mark. The presenter spoke of the perfection, the continuous research of the perfect beauty that, however, does not exist. And the audience went crazy for her!

But now let's see the previews for today's episode of the 20 years that we are italians.

On stage with the two conductors will alternate The Flight, Pippo Baudo, Nek, Alessandro Siani, Niccolò Agliardi, Flavio Insinna, Anna Tatangelo, Giuseppe Zeno, Nino D'angelo and Gigi Marzullo. Another great evening dedicated to the show, tonight on Rai 1.

Together, through anecdotes, funny moments and duets, will accompany viewers on a journey of smiles, reflections, music, and hilarious surprises. The large orchestra, composed by 26 items, and directed by Adriano Pennino, will be the musical centre of the show, and not only. Will be lots of surprises singing and that will be Gigi and Vanessa, with artists that in these last two decades have become a point of reference for many young people and these have been rediscovered. There will also be moments of celebration and reflection, all wrapped in an atmosphere of light and lively that will make the show unique and original.

Viewers from home will be called to participate in the story, with the hashtag #20AnniCheSiamoItaliani, each remembering on social their the last twenty years.

Appointment at 21.30 on Rai 1 with 20 years, that we are italians.

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