20 years of you've got mail: you closes with record ratings that will go down in history


Published on Mar 15, 2020


The last episode ( unedited) yesterday, There is mail for you. Episodes recorded, this is to say, for luck, before the disaster coronavirus. Episodes recorded, which have allowed us to remind us of how it was nice to see the tv studios are full, hear the applause, feel the love or the dissent of the public. Bet There is mail for you in wave the 14 march 2020 has reminded us how wonderful it was to hug or just shake hands. Everything will be fine, everything will return as before, but for now, the lump in my throat, the salt every time.

The italians remain at home and choose Maria de Filippi: over 7.1 million viewers in front of the tv. It is the first Saturday that it respects really is the one that the Government has asked us, and we can also understand from these numbers that write the history of the programs broadcasted in this period. There is mail for you records a historical record, perhaps one of the best results of his 20 years. Closes with a big THANK you from Mary to all his audience, which is passionate about the stories told in this edition, the protagonists of the stories, but especially to the great family, his team, working at his side.

We see the numbers of the evening yesterday

Black or White has conquered 2.552.000 spectators equal to 10.1% of the share ( the movie replica was down aired in this tv season and started around 22) .

On Channel 5 There is Mail for You has gathered in front of the video 7.185.000 spectators equal to 28.6% of share. Numbers crazy for Channel 5.

Next Saturday will be the wave of the replicas There is mail for you to cover, at least for two weeks, the prime time of the network in a difficult moment and for all. We do not know whether there will be stories told in this edition, or if perhaps you will find the stories of the past.

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