17 species of animals inspired by the Star Wars saga


Published on Aug 17, 2018


Very often, when scientists discover new species of animals, making these the names that make reference to those of their mentors or members of their family. However, some choose to take a different path, especially if they find themselves having to give a name to multiple species at the same time.

And it is in these moments that freed the nerd that resides in the hearts of these scholars, leading them to choose names inspired by the world of cinema, and not only.

In this article, we have gathered a collection of 17 species of animal whose features resemble so closely some of the characters of Star Wars that they earned the right to be called as their own!

We specify, moreover, that the names listed are not the common ones, but scientific ones, as well known in the Latin language, which will allow you to discover how to decline in Latin the names of the characters of Star Wars!

17. Tetramorium Jedi

Discovered in 2012, the Tetramorium Jedi is a species of ant, native to Madagascar, discovered by the entomologists Francisco Hita Garcia & Brian Fisher. As you can see in this publication, the two scientists have discovered several new species, and to draw inspiration for the names attributed to them by various sources

16. Peckoltia Greedoi

Jonathan Armbruster of the Museum of Natural History, University of Auburn, has named a new species of catfish in 2015, and the original of the river Gurupì, Brazil. The scientist explained that he named this species as the bounty hunter Greedo in the service of Jabba, Han solo shoots in the first film of the Star Wars saga, because it has recognized a “striking similarity” with the character:

The first speciation known was discovered in 1998, but has remained without a name until 2015, when Armbruster has chosen for her, a name inspired by the famous saga of science fiction, which is a faithful fan ever since he was a child.

15. Thricops Vaderi

Judging from this species and from others in our collection, it would seem that entomologists are inspired very often to Darth Vader, and this is another example: Jade Savage has called Thricops Vaderi is a species of moscow city in 2003, the year in which the scientist has published a paper in which he names six new species of Thricops.

17 species of animals inspired by the Star Wars saga is




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