15 books for an ecology integral


Published on Oct 04, 2019


Environmental issues finally arrive under the eyes of all, as the issues to be addressed with no more thought of an agenda for “tomorrow”. At the same time, as you can imagine – books on the theme were born numerous sons of a position that I hope is not only fashionable. As usual, however, I offer a bibliography a bit abnormal: first of all, I do not love the literature, “against”, I do not then the messages that tend to blame the players (especially if they are children!) and I do not like the idolatry of special characters.

I want to celebrate with you, the world and the created world: his beauty leaves you speechless and deserves without a shadow of a doubt that there, to take care, responsibly. Equally I want to think about environmental issues also from the cultural point of view: as said Pope Francis, we "consider the nature as something separate from us or as a mere frame of our lives. We are part of it and we are concerned with. The reasons for which a place is polluted, require an analysis of the functioning of society, its economy, its behavior, its ways of understanding reality".

To safeguard, to defend every man, to protect ethnic minorities, to preserve the culture of faraway populations goes hand-in-hand with the care of the territory, its development, its protection.

Here are 10 books green that I hope will make you want to give your little contribution in daily life!

Joel Sartore, Photo Ark, Birds, White Stars

Lazzari, stefano Mauri, As my home, Editoriale scienza

Sen Woo, A warm red scarf, Sironi editore

Jo Seonkyeong, A garden in the earth, Jaca Book

Chiara Carminati – Mariachiara Di Giorgio, The lady of the abyss, Editoriale Scienza

Mariachiara Di Giorgio, The lady of the abyss, Editoriale Scienza

Malcolm Croft – Maggie Li, The book of travel, Lonely Planet kids

Frann Preston-Gannon, Journey home, the Anova Children

Monika Vaicenavičienė, what is a river?, Topipittori

Monika Vaicenavičienė, what is a river? Topipittori

Virginie Aladjidi – Emmanuelle Tchoukriel, illustrated Inventory of the flowers, The hippocampus

Nicola Davies, Emily Sutton, so Many and so different, Editoriale scienza

Jan Paul Schutte – Floor Rieder The mystery of life, The hippocampus

Kirsten Hall – Isabelle Arsenault, Life, bee, Terredimezzo

Liuna Virardi, ABC of the peoples, the Lands of the middle

Alison Davies – Tom Frost, a Small guide to the leaves, Nomos

Gaëlle Lasne, Nests amazing, Ideal

Article 15 books for an ecology integral seems to be the first on a low Shelf.




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