12 things to know about Zinedine Zidane

Published on Jan 05, 2016

A predestined, capable of making history. Not only in the field, where to the sound of the daughters, played amazing feats to raise the eyebrow, and some head too (ask Materazzi), but also off the field. Where, despite composure and rare utterances, already has a record. Zinedine Zidane started his career of a professional coach, to Real Madrid, that is, a "newbie" (no Walter) of the bench part from the team, the most popular of the globe. A unique thing which consumes as much as a total lunar eclipse, and that very unlikely to happen again. But also a story predictable, knowing the career of French-algerian and, above all, the soul of the volcanic president blancos, Florentino Perez. Hunt, Carlo Ancelotti and to hire a Rafa Benitez after the Liverpool has not got a move was a gamble – that lasted more than expected – despite the Real Madrid is still in the running to win la Liga and the Champions’ League.

To weigh were the whistles of the fans, because the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, will not forgive one who wins without convincing, the glaring error that led to the exclusion from the Cup of the King (for having to play the Russian Denis Cherysyev, that he will serve a round of disqualification immediately last season when he was forced to Villareal) but, above all, the inability to bond with the players. Better, with the more certain, because if you go in the locker room of Real and don't try to establish a relationship of trust with Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Pepper, then it is likely that you're going to meet some problem.

Here, this should not be a thought at this time is affastellando the mind of Zizou, one that the environment in madrid knows him well. Hanging the boots on a nail in the 2006 after-the-fact fall in love with the fans (the Real, as well as those asking and even before the Bordeaux), the French ace has started to study and then return in 2009, the Madrid of course, as a counselor to President Florentino Perez – who is in the presentation before the press has called Zidane “a legend” and a man for whom “nothing is impossible” – and then to go from second to Ancelotti in the season 2013-2014, up to take the lead, the following year, Real Madrid Castilla, the second team of the blancos, playing in the third Spanish division. By yesterday, however, started the era of the Real Madrid of Zidane, a man condemned to win that will be great protection, but in the case of short-circuit (not-so-rare in-house Real) will be able to know for the first time in his time the feeling of being whistled. Waiting to see if it will continue to be praised or disputed, here are some pills on the life and career of Zinedine Yazid Zidane: Interesting to know, for example that one of the best and effective jugglers of the story of the game was deployed at the beginning as a left-back (it happened in Cannes, the first team that landed Zizou). From a young Zidane has battled thalassemia, a genetic disease that produces fatigue due to low hemoglobin production. Fortunately, Zidane is suffering from a benign form. In 15 years, arrives at Cannes, and the company offers you an apartment with other classmates at Pégomas, a village which he has dedicated a square in his honor. In 1992, the Bordeaux bought Zidane from Cannes, demoted to an amount equal to 460mila euro; in 1996, takes him in Juventus, that pays 7.5 billion, and then sold in 2001 to Real Madrid for 150 billion lire. A record, bought a player for that time. The nickname Zizou was given by Rolland Courbis, his coach at the time of the Bordeaux that, before many others, understood the genius of the player. Designed by parents, algerian immigrants in France, and was born in Marseille, Zidane has dual citizenship, algerian and French. Even if, in the course of his life was the rare times in the country of north africa. Among the many records that he holds, there is also a little flattering: Zidane is the player who has more cards in the final stages of the World cup. In three editions (1998 – 2002 – 2006) has collected two ejections and six admonitions. He baptized his first son, Enzo, in honour of Enzo Francescoli, football player uruguayan of great talent, who was the idol of Zidane. He has won three times the award as the best player in FIFA 1998 – 2000 – 2003), another record shared now with Ronaldo, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, has, however, only one Golden Ball (1998), but the difference of the king of France's Michael Platini (three-time Ballon d'or) has managed to drag France into the top of the world. His farewell to football is consumed in the worst possible way: shot nerves, and head in the chest of Marco Materazzi during the 2006 world cup final Italy-France. A gesture reckless not new in the career of Zidane, who is guilty of often strong reactions (and tested), both when he was playing in Bordeaux (kicked against Marseille for a punch to the face of Marcel Desailly), and Juventus (among the many, the most striking was the capocciata the German Kientz in the match of europe against Hamburg that cost him 5 days to stop), without forgetting the shot of wrath of 1998 during the World cup when Zizou made to eject against Saudi Arabia for their scalciato Amin. Included to the right of the greatest champion in the history of football, Zidane was named by the BBC as the best european player ever. For FIFA is the number one continental of the last 50 years. Currently, Zidane is a resident of Madrid, in an estate of 600 square meters, while in another of his properties in the madrid area of wide-ranging living with his in-laws.

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