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Published on Apr 21, 2020


1/8100 film Them you recognize them all? Franco Cosimo Panini2/8100 film Them you recognize them all? Franco Cosimo Panini3/8Francesco Giustozzi, 100 movie Them you recognize them all? Franco Cosimo Panini4/8100 film Them you recognize them all? Franco Cosimo Panini5/8Francesco Giustozzi, 100 movie Them you recognize them all? Franco Cosimo Panini6/8100 film Them you recognize them all? Franco Cosimo Panini7/8Francesco Giustozzi, 100 movie Them you recognize them all? Franco Cosimo Panini 8/8100 film Them you recognize them all? Franco Cosimo Panini

This year, one of the central themes of the edition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair is the cinema. When I started to reflect on the question I asked myself many questions: what is the meaning of transform in a book, the experience is dynamic and unique to the cinema? What does it mean to illustrated books on the cinema? What value and which goal to pursue books of this type?

The questions remain wide open, but at the same time I would like to propose a few titles dedicated to the subject, just to explore and understand the issue, along with you.

The first text that I propose to you is 100 movies, Them you will recognize them all?, a gallery of 100 images (and quotes) taken from the ten films and presented by 5 artists, including Francesco Giustozzi, selected this year for the illustrators exhibition.

The text is very curious, because it triggers a mechanism of synthesis is very intriguing, similar to the process for which you choose the image for the cover of the book.

Between all of the tables shown, which best represents the story? Which “will take” better to the player?

What is the image from thousands of frames of a film would you choose to describe them all?

Not only that, because this book was created with the idea of engaging in a real quiz, and then the criterion of representativeness needs to engage with the brand.

The selected films are very famous and also a newbie to the world of the cinema such as myself has been able to extricate himself with satisfaction: movies and walt disney feature animation, for a period of time-oriented modernity with a few tips from connoisseurs that extend up to the first three decades of the ‘900.

It would have been interesting to know there was a criterion chosen for the selection of the corpus, but has not been shown.

For each page, as I said, an image and a quote dry, while the end of the book the legend connects the illustration and the page number in the title and movie data.

How are divided the illustrations of the 5 artists involved? At the beginning I was puzzled by the lack of precise references, in fact, as in the credits of a film, the 5 authors are presented with their link with one of the departments involved in the production:

"the mechanical Matt Needle, to the costumes Chez Gertrude, to the landscapes of Francesco Giustozzi, stove, Dieter Braun, the bestiary, Nicolas Barrome Forgues"

Then flicking and risfogliando the pages I realized that for reason or another, in fact, the frames judged to be more important showed or a means of transport, or an actor dressed in a certain way, or a particular food, or a place, or a “beast” special. On this we could spend reflections, but we should turn to an expert!

The images are not pedisseque reproductions of the frames of the film, but each illustrator interprets in a personal way, and yet, philologically coherent with the original film.

The peculiarities of each illustrator, emerge clearly in the attention and the ability to make vivid portraits of architectural Francesco Giustozzi, for example!), but on the whole, the volume has its own harmony.

A volume of curious, is addressed to adults, to test their knowledge of cinema and to give birth to the desire to discover some history, or better, film unknown!

Article 100 the film seems to be the first on a low Shelf.

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