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Published on Jan 31, 2018


The box set 3 discs The Big Bang Theory – The Tenth Season Full distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Italy is perfectly uniform to the previous and content-rich special interest. A anniversary home video indispensable for lovers for the hit sitcom the sample audience of CBS.

In addition to the gag are united by a sympathetic installation that uses elements, gimmicks, and catchphrases of the scene, there are 5 featurette unpublished distributed on all three discs that make up the box set. Discs are screen-printed in an elegant edition in slipcase with cardboard outer, of course.

The most original is certainly “Mad props” which shows the skill of the person responsible objects to the scene which is also a good cook, and so most of the food that the characters eat on the scene are mouth-watering! That's not all: they are customized according to the actor with something that he likes very much (spice for example), and authors write now in the script, a particular type of food (brownie, mint, for example) because they know that the whole production will be able to eat them on the set. But also objects of the scene are masterpieces, constructed ad hoc and in a very short time and often working to really allow the cast to perform gags and sketches provided by the script.

In “#JustAskBBT” cast members respond to some questions asked by fans through Twitter. The answers will make you smile, not a little. In “Who is the child now?” the cast and crew analyze what has changed in the sitcom from when Howard and Bernadette have had Halley, the choice to call her so and give her a voice (for now, the crying sound) Pamela Adlon, was a close friend of Carol Ann Susi, who played the mother of Howard, and current creator and protagonist of Better Things to FX.

In reality, it is not then so changed the lives of the protagonists with the arrival of Halley (because they cannot see it, just as the late Mrs. Wolowitz), and it is interesting to see the expectations and the reactions of the cast before and after the “delivery”. Sure, Penny and Leonard got married again, to Amy and Sheldon make a test of co-existence, Howie and Bernie, as we said are struggling with the joys (and pains) of the post-partum period, and Raj and Stuart... continue to be Raj and Stuart. The wedding of Penny and Leonard in the premiere of the season, and especially the parade of guest stars who are at the center of “The ever expanding universe of The Big Bang Theory,” a ceremony real with friends and family, and the encounter of the much-awaited between the two families is very different between them (of which we had a glimpse of it in the end of season 9): the return of Judd Hirsch and Keith Carradine in the role of their respective fathers, Christine Baranski and Laurie Metcalf in those of mothers, and the new entry-Katey Sagal (8 simple rules) and Jack McBryer (30 Rock) and in those of the mother and of the brother of Penny.

Last but not least is the special “The best of The Big Bang Theory: the encounter at Comic-con 2016” (the longer the present, almost a double episode comedy). Held during the summer between the ninth and the tenth season, is home to friendly ads as the guest star of the family Penny for the premiere: Katey Sagal again in the role of the mother of Kaley Cuoco 8 simple rules, and Jack McBryer in those of his brother, campagnolo just released from prison. Then there are interesting anecdotes from the writers room, Bill Prady who is dressed up as Woody from Toy Story, the real voice of Melissa Rauch the moderator of the event (much less acute than that of Bernadette) and his true shoes fit (there is an unexplained size difference between her character and her in real life). This and much more in a box that will surprise you even after ten years, as well as The Big Bang Theory knows how to still do it!

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