10 things you (maybe) didn't know about UFO Robot Grendizer

Published on Apr 04, 2018

While you are celebrating with nostalgic enthusiasm, 40 years of Ufo Robot Goldrake in Italy, the moment has come to know something more of the anime that paved the way for the conquest of the Italian guys from the part of the mechas she has japanese, a saga that has deeply influenced an entire generation!

Here, then, are ten things you (maybe) don't know about Grendizer.

Despite being the head of a ram, which has allowed the mechas she has japanese to invade (thankfully), Italy, Grendizer is the third of the so-called Mazinsaga the work of Go Nagai.

UFO Robo Gurendaizā is in fact the last of the trilogy of the mechas she has created by the master Go Nagai which, for the record, in Italy, is come exactly in the reverse order to the original japanese timeline (Mazinger Z – 1972, The Great Mazinger – 1974, Goldrake – 1975), so much so that if in our country Goldrake is the legend, the icon of the anime, robotic, in Japan it is exactly the opposite where is Mazinger Z to have known the greatest success, while Grendizer is, ironically, the least considered.

In fact, as a trait d'union of the saga, the character of Koji Kabuto, the pilot of Mazinger Z, will be the pilot of the Flying saucer (which he constructed himself) and Goldrake 2 then, what in Italy will create confusion because the name of Koji was changed to Alcor.

Goldrake is “inspired” by the film UFO Robot Gattaiger – The great battle of the flying saucers (Uchū enban daisensō), 1975 directed by Yōichi Kominato in collaboration with Go Nagai, a film that became the pilot for the development of Goldrake.

In the film, which you can see an excerpt below, there are already the first ideas that will be siluppate then, like a robot (completely different called Roboizer and designed by the team plays Tsuji) that engages a drive wheel, the setting is country/western, the music and the character of Duke Fleed (the future Actarus/Umon Daisuke).

Ufo Robot Goldrake in Italy yes Japan, but stopping first in France, the nation from which it was imported from the RAI.

The officials of the state TV when they received the material on this animated series from colleagues beyond the alps, on the envelope and read the word Atlas, which in French means atlas/compendium/guide information and believed to be part of the title, meaning that Atlas Ufo Robot (Guide to Ufo Robot) as the full name of the work.

That's why in Italy, is historically known by that name in which, despite everything, appears magnificent and unique in their own way, especially on the cover of the 45 rpm.

The qui pro quo, all in all, it was remedied by the fact that RAI believed at once in Grendizer so much that it was the first of the French.

After the first airing of Goldrake did not wait for the fierce criticisms of the anime, on the shields, two of the greatest “intellectuals” of the Italian Dario Fo and Alberto Bevilaqua.

The first declared: "Goldrake is the angel destroyer, the avenger who "sacrifices" for the poor man in the street (at the bottom there is behind the same idea of the terrorists)" (it is not clear why a person who sacrifices himself for the poor may be a terrorist); the second, instead, it went down even more heavily: "Killer, yes, more robots [...] the rotary fist is equivalent to the iron fist; the axe to the bayonet; the hammer drilling at the blackjack [...] Goldrake is the stage that can precede the drug itself.".

Fortunately, not all fell with blind fury against Goldrake.

Gianni Rodari, one that “something” knew of tales and stories for children, in the article entitled “In defense of Goldrake” defends the robot, comparing it to a Hercules, half-man, half-machine space.

According to Rodari, children are not passive subjects of these cartoons because they are able to reprocess the great material that television offers them in the game and in the daily activities. (Corriere della Sera)

Already been conceived, since the request is made by Toei Animation Go Nagai, as souls, also intended for a female audience, Goldrake saw the gradual appearance of the female figures of Venusia (Makiba Hikaru) first, and Mary (Grace Maria Fleed) then, as the active role of the series to the commands of the Double Spacer, and the Dolphin Space respectively.

The figure of Mary was introduced because, as this corresponds to you he removed more and more space, listen to japanese decreased.

So it was that the production took the place of the character designer Kazuo Komatsubara with the torque Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno, who had taken part in the realization of the souls Bia the challenge of magic. In fact, Mary and Noa (friend/rival Bia) resemble each other a lot.

In the japanese version of the anime, the characters, while using the arms, pushing only the buttons or pulling the levers, what caused the “dead time” during the Italian dubbing with embarrassing silences.

So it was that Romano Malaspina, the legendary actor/voice actor Actarus (that would have deserved more success outside of the voice acting), invented terms such as Axe, Hammer, Piercing, Laser Rays and Rotating Blades.

Some of the names of the characters and in italy, such as Alcor, Venusia, Rigel, Mizar, Hydargos and Procton (adaptation of Procyon/Procyon), which are all names of stars/planets as the same name of Actarus, edit, arcturus, star belonging to the constellation Ursa Major.

There is one thing that is common to Ufo Robot Grendizer and Devilman.

In addition to being children of the same father Go Nagai, Actarus and Akira (Devilman) share another characteristic that unites them: the eyes!

Although he jokes about the fact that the lashes of Actarus seem to be infoltite strokes of Mascara, both of the protagonists, in fact, have a marked dark trait that defines clearly the lower eyelid, a technique used to emphasize the nature not exactly human origin of the two.

There are some news about the name all Italian Goldrake. It is thought that perhaps resulted from a strange mix between Goldfinger and Mandrake, or the choice of the English term Gold Drake (golden dragon), perhaps suggested by the fact that it was a production of the east. However, the version believed most likely refers to the italianization of Goldorak, the name given by the French to the production.

The person responsible for the television that actually harbour UFO Robot Goldrake in Italy Nicoletta Artom which visionò some sequences of Grendizer to an exhibition of cartoons in Milan in 1977 (Mifed).

The manager was so favorably impressed that they decided to purchase the rights.

That is to say, we will be eternally grateful to mrs. Artom!

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