10 students to an evening of Friends 19: the report cards of UNF


Published on Feb 26, 2020


The evening of Friends, 19, is now at the door: February 28, 2020 will broadcast the first episode of the programme to Channel 5 and it's time to make a budget. In the day time today we saw what we already knew, namely, that Martina has won the last jersey for the final stage of the program. We have also seen what is the attitude of the 10 students who will participate in the evening and we can, therefore, give the votes.

Here are the transcripts of the ten students who will participate in the evening of Friends, 19.

The singer Gaia is definitely one of the students of the greatest talent in this edition of Friends. It is not his first time on tv and it is not his first time in a talent. That would have arrived in this final phase of the program, it was really clear since the early days. In the school is always very busy, he has studied, he has shown his character but has never been rude to me as others. The road to success is long, singer, good, there are many, in his hands the destiny of the post-Friends. His songs are definitely catchy, but there was one that has left an indelible mark. VOTE 7,5

The singer Giulia put us in the soul. In some situations, perhaps, exaggerated to an extreme emotion, but it happens when you write songs that speak to your own experienced, not simple. Charisma, personality, desire to emerge, but also that sensitivity that makes a great artist. Also for you the road will be uphill because the jungle, in the Italian music scene is really crowded...grade 8

The singer Jacopo, now said by the “[email protected]” for excellence is an education as you have already seen a few in that school. And since that's not enough to have just the talent, it's also good that someone remember and stress also because we have seen it all this year, and many things we would avoid. The voice of Jacopo is one of the few that stands out in this edition of the talent, and the fact that he is a guy of good appearance, does not hurt ( but be careful because of the beautiful fallen then into obscurity we've seen). Here, however, we are faced with a mature guy who sings, he can sing and also has a lot to say. VOTE 8,5

Nyv is a singer with great talent but perhaps a bit out of focus, of what it is and wants it to be. A bit too many things together that should be positioned by those in the life care center, an artist. If you will entrust to the right people, it could really do great things. The school has had ups and downs, and often has also lived for a pension but she can write, she can sing, she can play several instruments, could do a concert alone, and this is not for everyone and it is not just. Putting together the right things at the right place, could say its becoming something that's still not there among the young talents who aspire to become someone. VOTE 7,5

Francis was blocked from his character because of things to say probably has many. The criticisms have not made life easy, the location was not the best. Hampered by classmates who thought that I somehow deserved the place in the school, it is often left to distract from something that he had to let it run, even if we imagine it is not easy to live 24 hours on 24, with “the harpies”. Has stupid really, in this edition, shameful from the point of view of the rudeness of the protagonists, its calm. Not everyone is cashing in front of a person that defines a [email protected] with a peace of mind that is frightening. The talent is there but there is also much work to do and time is of the essence. VOTE 7-

Talisa may not do it to show us all what he can do because of a bad injury and this is a shame, because the dancer certainly has great skills. In the Friends school for dance has seen definitely better, but Talisa in spite of his young age already has a career well underway, and we imagine that will go on his way and will do everything he dreams of and wants. It has all the cards in rule to break. VOTE 7,5

Valentin has had a path to stormy in the Friends school 19 but after a few weeks of disagreements, requests absurd, dramatics and miscellaneous, has been guided by the advice of Mary and has done everything he should. He apologized, he began to study, has proven to be a great dancer and also be very versatile. When she dances on the track, there really is something for anyone, in the Latin, but not only. The gaze is inevitably on him, and does not move. Having regard to its redemption, at the present, we can give him a good vote. VOTE 9

After this first part devoted to the certificates and the votes, we do not give votes to the three students that were still to be assessed, and the reason is very simple. All three in our humble opinion, have had attitudes unspeakable. Nicolai, just to not make us feel the lack of his rudeness, continues to be completely undisciplined. Makes fun of the people who work with him and for him, does not respect the rules, even gives lessons to the dancers that dance with him on how to behave. The talent may not be enough to justify all this rudeness and this spocchiosità. Luckily, this evening of Friends, for some it will be short but intense, and we hope for him to be. If it is so good of the rest, will have much to do outside. Can not pass in a school, the concept that a person without education can go forward.

It is redeemed even Javier, but this is not enough to make us forget what it was. We have said too much and written too much about the character of this dancer of great talent but of very little education. In the Friends you chose to keep it in the school, we respect but do not evaluate.

Let's close in beauty with Martina wearing the green jersey, without even a why. It was almost invisible, for a whole year, if it had not been for the polemics that have often the protagonist, it is difficult to remember what he has done in the school. His arrogance, totally unjustified, is a great unknown. Of course, the guys between them if you will they say when the cameras are not, but its spocchiosità is stinging. Give the [email protected] a buddy that is passed to the evening without getting a little exam thinking about your path, is a serious thing. Great respect for the past, pearls and personal stories. Each of us has a background, but this does not justify a total lack of education. If in the case of Javer, and Nicolai, the talent may perhaps be enough to put a stone on ( but not for us) in the case of Martina, is nowhere to be seen as well.

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