10 sport watches-the best start to the new year

Published on Jan 04, 2016

How to start 2016 in the best way? With a new watch. That is not a model that is too elegant, but sporty and casual. A clock chrono.
This is, in fact, one of the trends of the year that will be: simplicity in style, but at the same time refinement. For this reason, GQ has selected 10 exclusive models of chronometers sports. There is the new watch "AB Aeterno" completely made in Italy in wood eco-sustainable, and the new model of Goodyear with the cowhide leather strap in rubber, which is reminiscent of the iconic tire. There is the new Carrera of Tag Heuer, created in collaboration with the trademark japanese design studio Nendo, and the model Kailash of Suunto with the automatic update of time and position tracking via GPS, for those who love travel and adventure.


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