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Published on Jul 06, 2016


Smoothie, Juice, Smoothies, and Milkshakes have become our first allies against the small seasonal ailments, fatigue, dehydration, and during the summer are a foolproof way to beat the heat and quench the body. Make juices made from vegetables and seasonal fruits is a healthy habit, which in addition to parched represent a full of oxygen to all the tissues. They are carriers of nutrients-antioxidant that strengthens greatly the immune system. Bevendoli every day all the tissues and major organs will be of enormous benefit. Eat fruits and vegetables, whole has its advantages, but extract the juice also. You delete in this way the fibres contained in them, which serve to help the gut, but imply a load on the digestion. The juices instead make all of the nutrients antioxidants and vitamins are directly assimilated and absorbed by the body in a practically immediate.

Here you'll find 10 recipes of juices and smoothie, that in addition to all the beneficial properties have also to be colourful and happy: a true sprint of energy and good humor. LIQUID THERAPY, as rightly calls them a iFoodie with his recipe below. Then curiamoci with the colors:)


The smoothie with fresh fruit is served in a bowl, decorated with fruit and edible flowers, and enriched with your topping favorites.
The smoothie bowl with raspberries and berry blends perfectly with almonds, coconut flakes and chia seeds. Bananas, peaches and coconut milk give it a creamy texture to discover.
A burst of energy, color, and health for the whole family and perfect for breakfast and as a snack or even as a snack to calm the hunger of a sudden mid-morning.


Hot chocolate and steaming called winter, fresh lemonade, and inviting calls of summer. It is the timeless liquid gold of the summer months is a classic for nothing for granted. So, desiring of the famous jug tinkling between glasses thirsty, we decided to create our own lemonade in the style of marie Antoinette: pink. The glamour queen used the juice of raspberries to dye his drink and us, attracted by the color, but burned by the heat, we have chosen another leading lady of summer: the watermelon. Fresh, pastel-colored, fragrant, refreshing... the “watermelon lemonade” is perfect for afternoons with friends or, with an accent of alcohol, for cocktails at sunset. Along with creative ice cubes of fruit, flowers and mint, and a delicious straws “diy” was to become a delightful ritual for the summer ...


The waters Detox are drinks and detox and much dissetandi fruit, vegetables or herbs, leave in infusion in the water natural. In the year 2000, an american university gives new life to this culture of “detox”by promoting a series of diets and detox are based on a healthy diet.
The rule for a healthy diet is to drink plenty of water because it helps purify the body and hydrate the skin. Many diets require the intake of 2 liters of water a day.
To stimulate the desire to drink is born the idea of the flavored waters chiamatefruity detox water, much more colorful, fragrant and tasty than a simple, natural water!
What is it about? This is essentially a water with fruit or vegetables and infused: this serves to make it more palatable and to obtain certain benefits from the ingredients.


In the summer, the fruit that I prefer is absolutely the watermelon or watermelon is that to say it wants.
You can enjoy so pure, I prefer it nice and cold, cut it into pieces and put in a tray ready to take it to the sea.

But the watermelon is excellent both as a main dish, cut into thin slices with a bit of feta or better yet in to a delicious juice to calories zero!!


The smoothie with berries is a perfect mix of vitamins, energy and flavor. In fact, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants, and strawberries are fruits rich in antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin C.


Used to be called simply smoothies, today they have become a big trend and they are called smoothie, but the substance does not basically change. They are made with fruit, vegetables, flavoured with spices and herbs, always the most requested the smoothie lend themselves to countless combinations of flavors.

This smoothie with the banana and blueberries with almond milk is a smoothie 100% vegan, fruit-based and vegetable milk. If you want to get a mixture more dense, you can decrease the amount of milk or use directly of yogurt (soy, if you prefer vegan)

The smoothie thanks to the fruit, in this case the banana (especially when ripe) already has a very sweet taste, but if necessary, add a little brown sugar at the end, or if you prefer, you can use other types of sweetener.


With this hot weather, for our lunch and to those of the children, we try to eliminate packaged snacks or desserts too caloric.
Let's say you just to carbonated soft drinks full of sugar and bad, that do not serve our body and above all, make you even more thirsty.

Then what may be our afternoon snack or breakfast, ideal? A smoothie, classic, cool, and refreshing because it contains all the goodness of fruit, with the protein right way to start the day or to cool off from the sultry heat of these days.

And in the summer, then let us make a smoothie with melon and peach!


This smoothie is an excellent answer to the summer heat. And’ rich in vitamins and minerals. It is fresh and is ready in a second! And did you know that with the addition of a drizzle of olive oil, a pinch of salt and a good grinding of black pepper becomes a fantastic non-alcoholic drink?

Smoothies, the american cousins of our smoothies, are the perfect compromise for a healthy snack but delicious.
Are low calorie if as their basic ingredient, you use the low-fat yogurt, or vegan if you choose a vegetable milk.
They are so-called because the smooth in English and means “light” and, in fact, being based preparations of fruit (or vegetables) and yogurt (or milk), appear to be very light. Often involving the addition of ice or frozen fruit and are a concentrate of vitamins.

Smoothies or smoothie, are a concentrate of vitamins, fresh and thirst-quenchers are perfect in the summer for a break, fresh and healthy. Can be prepared with milk or yogurt, even vegetables as I have done that for my smoothie with peaches, pineapple and Goji berries, I used the drink with almonds, resulting in a smoothie-vegan.





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