10 recipes with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Published on Aug 13, 2016

“The grain is all the cheeses of the world such as Jupiter at the rabble of petty gods.” wrote John Rajberti in the Nineteenth century.

The Parmesan cheese is a type of grana cheese, whose name comes from a tradition that dates back to the XIV century: in fact, it appears already in both trees, the kitchen and the literary texts such as those of Boccaccio, and subsequently de Burchiello, the Foods... And the cheese grater the most famous in the world and has no equivalent, because they are unique to its history and its production rules. And’ designation of origin and is produced in the province of Parma, Reggio, Modena, Bologna, using the milk of two milkings, later, partially skimmed: that of the evening has surfaced in containers for 12 hours in the morning for a few hours only.

It takes 5 hl of milk have a form of parmesan cheese which usually is around 32 pounds. At the end of the maturation process each form is beaten with a hammer by specialists, which, according to resonance, and are able to locate the compactness and thus the fix of the cheese and its ranking quality.

The parmesan cheese is the result of the work of small dairy farms, nearly a thousand, to collect everyone's milk, a few stables. Each dairy makes no more than 4-5 forms per day. In the case where the parmesan is not successful, thickens a duty, not mature and swell, this will be discarded. Sometimes you just have to whitewash the walls of the dairy, clean the fouling from the mold and to encounter serious problems.

Besides the excellent table cheese, in our kitchen the parmesan cheese in general and cheese in particular are cheese eating for excellence, that is, they are cheeses “finish” (in all the infinite forms of gratins, sauces, béchamel sauce) and seasoning.

Has endless applications and possibilities in the kitchen. Here are 10 recipes that see him as the absolute protagonist.


2.Panbrioche and parmesan cheese and honey. Brioche, Parmesan and Honey

3.Chunks of parmesan. Bocconcini, parmigiano


5.Coupelle parmesan mousse of cod on poultices and coupelle parmesan



8.Gnocchi alla romana. Gnocchi alla romana

9.Cake and salty vegetables. Cake salty with vegetables

10.Bocconcini, parmesan, fresh herbs and cherry tomatoes. Bocconcini, parmesan, fresh herbs and cherry tomatoes


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