10 recipes with Mushrooms


Published on Sep 03, 2016


Mushrooms in Italian cooking are important, a natural extension from the earth and its fruits, from our tables, every region has its favorites, depending on the conformation of the territory and consequently the type of fungus most common in the place, are living organisms biologically similar to vegetable.

Among the Italian species more notes we can definitely include:
the mushrooms, with brown hat free of the gills, and the stem of whipped cream, that grow from may to November;
the ovules, from the robust stem, cylindrical, with a broad yellow ring, fleshy, with firm flesh and white, with margins and yellow gills, dense and detached from the stem, flavor very good;
morels, hat spongy and conical or round, cylindrical shank, or swollen, smooth or wrinkled, but always the cable, and white, to be found from march to June;
the russole, hat globose and smooth, in variations from red and brown to cream-white, stem, cable, and white with whitish gills, growing from may to September;
chanterelles, with a shape similar to a funnel, with a hat, smooth, glossy, yellow-orange, the smell is very pleasant and the flavour is pronounced, are found from June to November;
the cardoncello, of various forms, with the brown hat, the pulp is fleshy and firm, the flavor is particular and delicate, much used in the cuisine of lucania and apulia.
Among the cultivated species available throughout the year there are the prataiolo, the mushrooms and the pioppino or piopparello.

If you have the good fortune of being able to gather in the woods or in the fields, it is recommended to consume them within 24 hours of collection, while those grown you keep 3-4 days in the refrigerator. I recommend, must be fresh, clean, whole, and with the cap attached to the stem, firm, of uniform color and free of stains, odor pleasant and mild, that typical smell of earth and musk.

Another important aspect is the label on the box, which should mention the place of origin and that of the dried mushrooms, the expiration date.

The mushrooms can be enjoyed in many ways: raw in salads or stews, sautéed, in risotto, or fried in batter.
Preserved in oil or vinegar are perfect for the appetizer. Contain phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and magnesium.

After the premise, I propose some recipes to use these fruits of you

1.Perfect for a snack or even for dinner, these tasty crostini with mushrooms and cheese.

2.One of the comfort food par excellence: The Velvety-smooth; here of potatoes, leeks and mushrooms.

3.The shiitake mushrooms and the freshness of the lettuce, try it!

4.The delicate beauty...and goodness, these ravioli with chanterelles, will captivate you.

5.Vegan and gluten-free, a joy for the eyes and for the palate, this rosti pizza potatoes and mushrooms.

6.I bet no one can resist not to take a bite out of this luscious and rich burger of chickpeas and porcini mushrooms.

7.Appetizer, side dish or main dish, depending on the proposed quantity, the combination of mushroom and sausage, always wins.

8.The classic lasagne in the autumn version, with mushrooms and pumpkin, a dish completely vegetarian.


9.A risotto it is served with the mushrooms in the Apennines, and mascarpone cheese home-made.

10.Spaghetti with dried plums and mushrooms, a combination of flavors that will leave your mouth hanging open (because I want to still).

I leave you, finally, to the reading of this article, which tells us something of the history of mushrooms, ranging from the etymology of the name, to poetry, magic, mythology...delicate and interesting:









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