001 Editions of the new products announced at Lucca Comics & Games 2017


Published on Nov 08, 2017


There are many outputs 001 Editions and Hikari announced in the latest edition of the Lucca Comics & Games 2017. All volumes will be available on the online STORE at a discounted price of 15 %. In detail, more information on the releases of November:

Jeff Hawke H1-H1939 of Sydney Jordan

The publisher has recovered the best materials possible to make the edition of reference at the global level, a volume that presents the first 1939 stripes for a volume of 532 pages, 4 volumes, one every six months;
The Common 1952-2017 of Oesterheld and Solano Lopez

A anniversary edition (hardcover large format) with a cover variant signed LRNZ (which will never be reprinted), and in-depth review of the lettering.
The band Bombyx Cecil ( the author of Holmes, who shortly will return with a new volume, we forgot)

The volume is hardback to give the right value to this saga in full (three episodes in the original), all at once, that's it.
The classroom to the stems 2 by Kazuo Umezu

A masterpiece of japanese horror, and we can tell you with absolute certainty that it is one of the most beautiful stories that we happened to read in an absolute horror, not splatter, a classic from the Seventies (the third volume – ready – will be released in February 2018 and will close the series).
Harem End-of-Shintaro Kago

The teacher was in Lucca, attacked by readers every day; this is a volume ultragarantito that will amaze you, as always, at the bottom of the volume 4 short stories.
Unlucky Young Men 2 Otsuka and Fuijwara

The closing of the diptych, which brings us back to the 68 japanese, and to a period very turbulent that follow, a manga deeply literary, who loves She will love this story.
Gotho Namite. Profectus 3 of Alonso Rojas

Continues the saga of the princess of the Underworld, without hair on the tongue, a saga disruptive of an author who has won this year's award Yaruki for this series, beating more than 150 selected.

001 Editions of the new products announced at Lucca Comics & Games 2017 is




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