Yari carrisi

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Yari Carrisi-Power wishes the death by the D'urso: the sister of tv presenter takes to the field

In a matter of a few minutes the horrible stories of Yari Power Carrisi published on his personal profile of Instagram around the web. And at this time all the information sites you are not dealing with the thing. The words of Yari on social are really excellent. The son of Al Bano and Romina Power in...


Yari Carrisi to Reveal: still looking for Ylenia, believe viva has a couple of ideas on where we can find

A long interview that aired yesterday to Reveal to Yar Carrisi-Power. In the episode of the program in Real Time conducted by Lorella Boccia there was also room to talk about the issues most series, as the feelings that today Yari trial for his sister Ylenia, an infinite love that leads him to believe...

The sweet words of Yari for Ylenia Carrisi: “Why do I have to bury my sister?”

And’ aired yesterday a new episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show and, right in the first minutes of the program, Yari Carrisi has spoken of his sister Ylenia. It is the first time that the son of Al Bano is on the stage of the maurizio Costanzo Show with his father and Maurizio Costanzo, is happy to...