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Nintendo Switch Online: revealed the date of launch of the service!

With a post on the Twitter account of Nintendo of America, the big N has finally revealed the launch date of the Nintendo Switch Online, the online service dedicated to the console of the hybrid to the japanese that will come next September.The online subscription service will be the equivalent, for...

The ongoing problems on the Xbox Live server offline

In these hours, players Xbox One and Xbox 360 are complaining of the large inefficiencies on the online platform of Microsoft. In fact, it seems that there are ongoing problems on Xbox Live, and ...The article to the ongoing Problems on the Xbox Live servers offline just to get out on Uagna: news, reviews,...


Xbox Live opens up cross-platform: you may get the multiplayer Xbox-One-Apple

Microsoft has announced a major change in its strategy, console: Xbox Live will support multiplayer games cross-platform, allowing players to challenge other people who have different consoles like the PlayStation 4, or even platforms like iOS, tvOS and OS X. The games that are to bear this new feature...