Wwdc 2017

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Apple announces the iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac ever

Taking a little bit of a surprise, Apple has today unveiled at WWDC 2017 the new iMac Pro, the “most powerful Mac ever.” This is a machine that powerful, announced as a preview because it requires a long time to be finished and put on sale. We will say goodbye to the Mac Pro.Today Apple unveiled the...


Many “slips” by Apple in the programming of the various news to be published immediately after the event

Apple has made the mechanisms of the programming content which, however, still do not work to perfection. We have already seen a huge “Fail” at the last event, when on the Twitter account of Apple has been published, the iPhone 7 with an hour prior to your actual presentation.Today, there have been other...

WWDC 2017: Follow the Apple Event on iSpazio, live on the 5th of June from 18:00 hours

The Apple event on 5 June 2017: Follow the Keynote of the WWDC 2017 live on iSpazio. Through our LIVE Blog you will not miss even a second of the event. The Live is in Italian and will bring back all the news from Apple on the iOS, 11, and other operating systems. Are you ready to discover iOS 11, OS...