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Autumn, the ideal diet for children this season

The power supply is very important for children, and today we find out what is the ideal during the autumn. In this season the temperatures change. You go from warm to a climate decidedly cooler. Change, therefore, also fruits and vegetables of the season. It is, therefore, very useful to follow the...

Birth in water: everything there is to know

Why prefer giving birth in water compared to the classic one? There are several positive aspects for the mother and the child with regard to this procedure. Pregnant moms can live with apprehension, the thought of childbirth, the intense pain you feel. Giving birth in water would feel less pain and also...

Baby shower, how to make a perfect party for the mom-to-be

Are you looking for ideas to organize a baby shower perfect? You have finally arrived in the right place! We thought we'd show you some advice in order to make a perfect celebration. It is a practice very popular in anglo-saxon countries and now, in these last years, has taken over in Italy. The party...