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Children, such as removing the pacifier: here are the useful tips for mom and dad

How to remove the pacifier to the children? Let's see some useful tips for mom and dad to make this step more simple. It is in fact a very important stage of early childhood. The pacifier helps babies to relax, to fall asleep, to calm down, if you do it wrong. In short, it's often the parents give the...

Pregnancy, belly painting, painting belly

In recent years there is a tendency that comes from the United States that really like women that are pregnant: the belly painting. What is it about? You will surely happened to see the real works of art on the belly of expectant mothers. The drawings obviously relate, in some way, the birth of the child,...

Sport in pregnancy, can you bike?

Sport in pregnancy, can you bike? With the beautiful days, pregnant women used to do sport they might want to do a nice bike ride. Are there any contraindications? In fact during the 9 months of waiting, unless there are contraindications, to do sport can do really well. It is important to choose activities...