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Lombardia, 15.3 million euros for the management and enhancement of employment Centers

With the approval of the Regional committee of the Convention for the reimbursement to the Provinces and the metropolitan Cities of the expenses incurred in the second half of 2018 for the management of the Employment Centres (CPI), the Lombardy Region continues the process of reorganisation of the labour...

The vocational training centre of Luino and the course of the workshop, a unicum in the whole province

The companies of the wood varesine are looking for young carpenters, who are motivated to pursue a demanding career in this fascinating sector, which was once only for the craft, and which at present is also industrial. This is a school project, which requires at the same time the preparation technique,...

A few lifeguards in the luino area, a new course in order to achieve the patent. “A job opportunity”

The first association of professional lifeguards the world was created in Italy in July of 1871, was the Society of the ligurian to the rescue of submerged, became in 1876 the National Society of Salvamento. The provincial section of Varese of the National Society of Salvamento organizes in Luino a new...