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Loredana Lecciso sell perfumes: here's what I think of Bano

Loredana Lecciso has started a new business activity. The ex-girlfriend of Al Bano wants to prove his talent in this field, here is what she thinks of her ex-Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso are not together for a while, though, the two continue to love each other very, very well. After breaking up with...


Stefano De Martino, the bitter confession on his body: ‘A piece of meat that...’

The dancer in naples, and ex-husband of Belen Rodriguez confesses to Vanity Fair Italy In today's day Stefano De Martino, has issued a long interview to Vanity Fair Italy. This time, however, the dancer of naples he talked a lot about his business and private life, by making statements that are truly...

The vocational training centre of Luino and the course of the workshop, a unicum in the whole province

The companies of the wood varesine are looking for young carpenters, who are motivated to pursue a demanding career in this fascinating sector, which was once only for the craft, and which at present is also industrial. This is a school project, which requires at the same time the preparation technique,...