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Apple hires marketing guru Nick Law

Apple has hired Nick Law, former chief creative officer of the multinational Publicis Groupe. His role in the company is as yet unknown Law will start working at Apple starting in September, the court confirmed in a letter sent by the ceo of Publicis, Arthur Sadoun. The same Nick Law has defined this...


Paola Barale, confession shock: ‘I don't want to survive, but I want to...’

The showgirl piedmont confesses to the weekly gossip Today, a Few weeks ago, Paola Barale was host to Come to me of Caterina Balivo. Now, the showgirl in piedmont has released a long interview with the weekly gossip Today. Paola is defined as a new woman and free, even if 20 years old is expected to...

The vocational training centre of Luino and the course of the workshop, a unicum in the whole province

The companies of the wood varesine are looking for young carpenters, who are motivated to pursue a demanding career in this fascinating sector, which was once only for the craft, and which at present is also industrial. This is a school project, which requires at the same time the preparation technique,...