Wild lucarelli

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Wild Lucarelli, a casa di Antonella Clerici and tonight the presenter will be next to Carlo Conti (Photo)

There are Antonella Clerici and Wild Lucarelli together? This is another indication of the real return in Rai Antonella? Meanwhile, tonight the presenter will be next to Carlo Conti in the program As Such. A special episode in prime time after the final of the tournament of Such a Show, and the master...


Wild Lucarelli compare Osvaldo and Veera to Lady Gaga and Cooper, but on the social are all part of Stefano Oradei

After the output of the closet, if we can say so, Dani Osvaldo and Veera Kinnunen who have to make their relationship official on the social has been experiencing a real ruckus. Not because there is anything wrong in a love that blooms but for the “previous”. Perhaps those who have not followed the Dancing...

In Dancing with the stars 2019, the first encourage controversy: Raimondo Todaro and De Girolamo protagonists

Will was the presence of sister Cristina in the first few episodes of Dancing with the stars to ensure that all of the players in the program are limited and to maintain a certain “demeanor”. It was also the education of all the protagonists of this edition of Dancing with the stars. We do not know what...