Who wants to be a millionaire

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Gerry Scotti in tears at Millionaire after winning 15 thousand euros to the competitor: emotions on Channel 5

After the first 4 special episodes of Who wants to be a millionaire, we have posed a question: would it be the same without Gerry Scotti? Already a few months ago, we wrote that no, it would not be the same because this program has in him a fundamental pillar and, what happened yesterday, in the episode...


‘Must take place in the legs...’ Gerry Scotti burst into tears in live, here is the reason

The conductor Gerry Scotti after listening to the words of the champion of Who wants to be a millionaire, he could not fail to be moved. Here's what happened to Gerry Scotti is one of the conductors most loved. His program, " Who Wants to be a millionaire is very below, because not devoid of emotions....

Listen to tv 7 December: Gerry Scotti humiliates Rai 1, boom for those Who wants to be a millionaire

Who wants to be a millionaire or Blissful Ignorance: who won the tv viewers? After so many years, yesterday evening on Channel 5 is back the king of the tv quiz show-Who wants to be a millionaire. Of course, the guide of the game show Mediaset, there was once again Gerry Scotti. While the tv channel...