Who wants to be a millionaire

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Who wants to be a millionaire after the success of the betting event comes on the flop you listen to

It was not difficult to imagine. Listen to recorded episodes of Who wants to be a millionaire aired a few weeks ago they did understand that the programme would not have shined in prime time on Channel 5. But apparently in casa Mediaset to run for cover after so many flops, they thought that the launch...


Gerry Scotti sick? Revealed the health condition of the conductor Mediaset

Gerry Scotti, unfortunately, has had to lose more than 10 pounds. The conductor has taken this tragic decision for a reason. Gerry Scotti has always admitted to being a lover of good food. Since childhood, the host of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ has never had a problem eating, appreciating any thing....

Listen to tv 7 December: Gerry Scotti humiliates Rai 1, boom for those Who wants to be a millionaire

Who wants to be a millionaire or Blissful Ignorance: who won the tv viewers? After so many years, yesterday evening on Channel 5 is back the king of the tv quiz show-Who wants to be a millionaire. Of course, the guide of the game show Mediaset, there was once again Gerry Scotti. While the tv channel...