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A presenter Rai has attempted to get it over with: ‘I Had panic attacks and...’

Stefania Orlando is confession between the pages of the weekly gossip Who in a few weeks Stefania Orlando convolerà wedding with Simone Gianlorenzi, the man is engaged for 11 years. To confess to all he thought us to direct concerned through a long and painful interview with Who, the magazine directed...

The Marchesa Del Secco D'aragona, the truth shock: ‘I have proof, Patrizia De Blanck is not a countess’

The former gieffina releases a long interview with the weekly ‘Chi’ After exit from the House of Big Brother Vip 3, the Marchesa Del Secco D'aragona had to defend with tooth and nail against his detractors. The reason for this? Because many have accused of not being a noble, and to be appropriate [...]The...