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Advertising on WhatsApp from 2020

When Facebook bought WhatsApp, many were afraid what's going to happen: the app messaging the most used in the world will soon be advertising to all users. In the past, Facebook had confirmed the development plans of monetization for WhatsApp and now comes the official that the first advertisements will...


Mark Zuckerberg responds to the accusations made by the co-founder of Facebook

After the statements by the co-founder of Facebook Chris Hughes, who has accused his former company of having a monopoly and having to make a breakup to break away from Instagram and WhatsApp, not long to wait for the response of Mark Zuckerberg. Chris Hughes said that the biggest mistake of the Federal...

On WhatsApp come the sticker pack

WhatsApp has started to implement the support to the sticker in the new version of the app, but the feature will be available to all in the next few days. Just like already happens with the GIF, iOS users will have access to new packages of stickers via the submenu extras that is located within the section...