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Confartigianato Varese, the future of businesses and communities in the balance between life and work

“The work-life balance is a road of no return for everyone, companies and territories. In the future, this balance, combined with the actions of the system, to outline the geography of work and development.” With these words, Mauro Colombo, director-general of Confartigianato Imprese Varese, has introduced...

Welfare in Smes, it begins the operational phase: “The royal spa is built with concrete services”

Enters the operational phase, the partnership signed in December last year by Confartigianato Imprese Varese and Ubi Banca, to promote the knowledge and the application of the corporate welfare in the nine thousand Smes in the industrial and artisan who is at the head of the association of viale Milano,...


Welfare: more participation, more convenience. Companies awarded if “involving” employees

Still a step in favour of the welfare integrative company in the text of the “manoeuvre-bis” (law decree 50 of 24 April 2017). While many have noticed the subtraction of resources to the social Fund for non self-sufficiency – tail controversy, and commitment to the future of the minister of Labour Poletti...