Warlock of the ice

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Leaks from Opegit Studio: New troop the Aries from the battle, a new enchantment, and more

On the social profile of Opegit the Study and to follow on Reddit, have been widespread screens that would show a new troop coming to Clash of Clans (as well as other news and coming directly from the Clash Royale: the Aries from the battle! The update, based on some of the details that are revealed,...

Deck Tamer, Care, Warlock of the Ice Arena 10, Arena 11

The Tamer is an opponent terrible given its ability to cause damage to any structure you put in front of. Now that it was also released card Care, the combination of the 2 turns out to be really effective, given that extending the life of the Tamer and can destroy the enemy Tower even with a single combo.


Update Clash of Clans New Troops and Features unlocked on the basis of Dates and Deadlines

We have gathered lots of information during these weeks of intense, making the space between leaks, rumors and official announcements. Finally begins to emerge of an entity, for this great update with specific confirmed by the same team of Clash of Clans, but now we want to try to anticipate what awaits...

Leak Sneak Peeks 2017: New troop Black and Pink (Warlock of the Ice), New Levels, Troops, Potions, Resources

In the last few hours has been unveiled in advance what should be the first big Sneak Peek update Clash of Clans May 2017 the much-acclaimed. Among the novelties of the first to sneak, there are two troops the new (one pink and one black), a bunch of new levels for troops and potions and especially for...

LEAKS: New troop Witch Ice, New Tournaments between Clans, New the Real Time mode and Adventure single

We have the opportunity to show you some great news in the great advance, leakate by hackers in a private server of Clash of Clans: new mode of attack in real-time, and more tournaments among the clan, new ranks Warlock of the Ice and extension of the Adventure Single on arrival!

The advanced guide Clan Battles: tips, Tricks, Strategies, Tactics, and Types of deck

Clan Battles open up a whole new world dedicated to the collaboration and the support in timing of an ally on the field of play 2 against 2. You're reading a guide is highly competitive and advanced, which probably will help you to make yourself even more expert in this side of the Clash Royale.

Exclusive Leak Update Clash Royale March: 4 New Cards, New Trunks, Balancing, New Challenges, and release Date

News shocking, Clasher: on Reddit was leakato the entire update March Clash Royale. Shows the 4 new cards like the Berries of the forest or the Goblin Ninja, 2 new trunks, new systems of ranking to the arena, new balance, new offers available, and much, much more!