Waiting lists

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Luino, “My grandmother has severe neurological problems. Despite the urgent priority only in 2019”

The problems of public Health in lombardy, in the Alto Varesotto, highlight critical not only in the structure, for which the ATS Insubria is in knowledge and is in constant work, thanks to the health department, local administrators and to the requests of the committees of citizens, but also, as already...

Lombardy, “public Health in the centre, clear of the ticket and reducing the waiting list”

“The League to the government of the Lombardy Region, has a clear goal, to put in Health care in the public system at the center”. Emanuele Monti (Alloy), President of the III Commission, Health and Social Policies, the Lombardy Region, presented today at a press conference on the results achieved in...


Lombardia, waiting lists and health: “Allocated 11 million euros to tear them down”

“A budget of 11 million euros to reduce to a maximum of 30 days to do 6 performances that represent those who, because of the numerousness and waiting time represent a predominant part of the services rendered; the identification of a single responsible company waiting times; an internet site

Health care: no care, if not you can pagartele. So, private spending flies to 34.5 billion in two years

No health without money. Treatment? Yes, if you can pagartele. This is what emerges, in summary, from the research Censis-Rbm Health Insurance presented today in Rome at the "Welfare Day". From the survey, it emerges, in fact, the leap forward of private expenditure on health came to 34.5 billion euros,...