Vogue Spain

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Bella Hadid, bikini hot for Vogue Spain

Photo: @ Instagram/ Bella Hadid Do not be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere of Bella Hadid in the picture above: the model does not he spent the weekend at sea, but his visit to the beach is linked with business needs. The little sister of Gigi is, in fact, the protagonist of a photo shoot breathtaking...


Victoria Beckham shows legs on Vogue Spain

Photo: @ Instagram/ Victoria BeckhamThe Spanish version of Vogue has chosen Victoria Beckham as the star of his cover of February.The designer is paid to do a shoot rather elegant for which he has agreed to pose in lingerie and flesh-colored, giving the fans an illusion of full nudity.Photo: @ Instagram/...

Rita Ora sexy for Vogue Spain

Photo: @ Instagram/ Rita OraFrom the film set of “50 Shades” that photo of Vogue Spain is a short step, and Rita Ora, it seems, is ready to unleash all its sensuality.The british star has given us an advance of what we will see in the next issue of the fashion magazine’ did posting on his Instagram a...