Violence on children

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Children between 3 and 5 years forced to stay in the knee and taken to the hair: are teachers in handcuffs

A situation from the skin of the goose. Children of 3 years old, in a nursery school, forced by the teachers to be on their knees, and to suffer mistreatment of any kind. Arrested the teachers, The children of a nursery school should be treating with more care and attention. And instead, in a school...


Offered the body of disabled daughter for intimate relationships, is justified: “I Wanted to help her”

Feed Released from KontroKulturaHe claimed that the disabled daughter had relations with strangers, and you are justifying by saying that it was for her. Here is the incredible testimony was taken, in handcuffs, the ogre father, who had prostituted the disabled daughter. The man has asked for the abbreviated....

Hyenas, Erica Patti reveals to Nadia Toffa: “My husband has set fire to my children”

Feed Released from KontroKulturaReally agghiacciate the story that Heather Patti, told The Hyenas. The woman revealed that in the past her husband has killed their children by giving in meal to the flames is A story like the one of Heather Patti would make my skin crawl to anyone. The housewife wanted...

A child is not touched: a strong campaign against pedophilia

A German organisation non-governmental organisation called Innocence in Danger has as main objective to put an end to child abuse. With the help The article A child is not touched: a strong campaign against pedophilia seems to be the first on KEBLOG.