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Victoria Beckham trains in quarantine

Photo: @ Instagram/ victoria Beckham During this quarantine, Victoria Beckham is part of the team fitness at home! The former Posh Spice, an appreciated designer, is not going to give in to laziness, even during the pandemic from COVID-19 and, in his beautiful home in London, continues to train as if...

Victoria Beckham stylish in TV

Photo: @ Instagram/ Victoria Beckham To New York to participate as a guest on “The Today Show”, Victoria Beckham did not lose the opportunity to show off one of her fabulous outfits. Ban the classic color palette of autumn, the designer has punctured the screen, wearing a pullover lilac paired with a...


The Spice Girls ready to go on stage

Photo:@ Instagram/ Victoria BeckhamHands up who was waiting for this moment since 2007!The Spice Girls are ready to get back on stage and this time the news was announced by Victoria Beckham in that person on Instagram has given us the photo of the reunion long awaited.“I love my girls.” Commented the...