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Game of Thrones: a video VFX shows us the Barrier as we've never seen

Except for the Red Wedding and the Battle of the Bastards, there are few moments of Game of Thrones surprising as the fall of the Barrier to the work of Viserion. At the same time that we have witnessed the crumbling of the wall of ice, defending the Seven Kingdoms, it was immediately clear that all...


The special effects of Fantastic beasts and Where to Find them, in a spectacular behind-the-scenes

Despite the fact that the movie is out already in 2016, the studio Double Negative has released online only in these hours, a spectacular, behind-the-scenes of the special effects of Fantastic beasts and Where to Find them; an essential aspect of the film that, without the VFX, it would not have certainly...

Blade Runner 2049: online a new video dedicated to the VFX

Despite Blade Runner 2049 has largely disappointed the expectations at the box office, and also dividing the opinions of critics and fans (and when it never happens?), one thing on which we can all agree on is the quality of the CGI special effects created for the film.What you find below is a new video...