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Marina The Pink against all that's True: his social hopes that isn't cut out anything

Since yesterday evening there is much talk on the social and on the sites that deal with tv, of Marina La Rosa. The reason for this? The second place of the Island of the famous 2019 posted on social a very strong message, letting it be understood that he had not liked what had happened in the recording...


Belen Rodriguez a Verissimo speaks about Stefano de Martino: what is there between them?

Belen Rodriguez to star in the new episode of "True". On the 22nd of march 2019, among the guests of Silvia University there will be just the Belenita most beloved in italy! And of course, if there is Belen, you can not do less than to speak of his private life, and then of his relationship with Stefano...

Jeremias Rodriguez: "True" speaks of the case Sheets, and discuss the attitude of Fabrizio Corona

After leaving the Island of the famous 2019, Jeremias Rodriguez will be the guest of "True" in the episode aired on the 16th of march 2019. In the living room of Silvia University will speak about his experience in Honduras, but also of the “case” of this edition. If last year was the cannagate, in this...