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Ambra Angiolini from the balcony of a house devotes the poem my Soul to the public of the True (Photos)

From the balcony of the house, Ambra Angiolini choose a poem for it is most True that continues with The Stories, there is still the possibility of a direct Silvia University (photo). The guests in the studio of the old episodes are interspersed with video recorded from the vip in these days of quarantine...


Skip the Meadows Gate-to-True, the University “delete” in the Meadows. Barbara d'urso will avoid talking about it?

Yesterday evening we talk a lot about what was the reaction of Pamela Prati to the announcement, in anticipation of the True, back in the stories from the program, in the episode of 2 may, the Meadows Gate. The show girl had not taken it at all well the news much to write a post ( which he then deleted,...

Michelle Hunziker to True

We have left it struggling with a heavy joke that The Hyenas have created for you with the help of Aurora, Geoffrey and Sara Daniel, we find today in the video message, for it is most True! Michelle Hunziker smiling, arriving in front of the camera again in her home of Bergamo on the notes of Waka Waka...