Veronica peparini

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Andreas Muller and Veronica Peparini couple of the summer: there's something about a dancer and a teacher (PHOTO)

Andreas Muller and Veronica Peparini are a couple it is not a doubt. The dancer and the teacher of the dance are known within the school of the talent Friends of Maria De Filippi. After a few years by the participation of Andreas the talent show Channel 5 comes confirmation that Muller and the Peparini...


Veronica Peparini and Andreas Muller set the story in an important detail (Photo)

By the time it comes to a love story between Veronica Peparini and Andreas Muller, but both do not respond and do not add anything on their relationship so special (photos). The agreement between the two protagonists of the talent Friends immediately appeared evident, but are increasingly insistent voices...

Amici di Maria de Filippi: Andreas Muller and Veronica Peparini have quarreled? Here is the reason for its disappearance among the professionals

Feed Released from KontroKulturaMany wondered what had caused the sudden disappearance of Andreas Muller is among the professionals Friends. The motivation could be because of a dispute with his teacher Veronica Peparini. Andreas Muller, the dancer and the winner of the previous edition of Friends of...