Veronica cozzani

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Belen and Cecilia Rodriguez at the birthday of the mother of roses and chocolate cake (Photos)

Veronica Cozzani has celebrated his birthday with the daughters Belen and Cecilia Rodriguez as he had never imagined it could happen until a few years ago (photo). The story of the mother of Belen, a little bit of all of the Rodriguez family, in the know. The sacrifices made by the showgirl argentina,...


The father of Belen has disappeared, Veronica Cozzani is evil and the mystery thickens (Photos)

Between a bet and the barks of the soap of the clan of Belen Rodriguez can't spend too much time and in fact continues the mystery of the disappearance of Gustavo Rodriguez (photos). By the time the father of Belen is no longer next to his family, to children, to wife Veronica Cozzani and the little...

Against Francesco Monte's mother, Cecilia Rodriguez, who has followed The Island of the famous (Photos)

The Island of the famous 2018 is intertwined with the Big Brother Vip, and with the life of the Rodriguez family, everything about the ex mother-in-law of Francesco Monte, the lady Veronica Cozzani, the mother of Cecilia Rodriguez (photos). We have all been to the mouth part of yesterday evening following...