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Fedez perfect in Venice without socks, but the blisters on feet were inevitable with those shoes (Photos)

Socks yes, or socks, no? Fedez in Venice next to Chiara Ferragni for the first of the documentary about his life has chosen the perfection and wore the shoes without socks (photo). The inevitable result of the terrible and painful blisters, the ones that you would walk with your hands on the ground and...


Venice 76, Alessandra Mastronardi and Melissa Satta a surprise with men's clothes (PHOTOS)

Continues the Venice Film festival in 2019 and the reflectors are all focused on the red carpet, these days, is seeing remove many international stars. What is certain is that on the red carpet the first thing you notice are the clothes worn. This time let's focus on Alessandra Mastronardi, the godmother...

Ricky Martin is in Venice for the Biennale

Photo: @ Instagram/ Ricky Martin If you find yourself from the parts of Venice I strongly suggest you keep your eyes open: you may encounter no less than in Ricky Martin. The singer of puerto Rico, currently in Italy to play the role of artistic director in the show “Friends“, you are granted a few hours...