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The climate, the choices of the individual affect the world. The top five of the behaviors “green”

In the fight against climate change, even the choices of individual citizens can make a difference, and each action has its own specific weight in terms of reduction of Co2 emissions. To calculate them is LifeGate that on the basis of the results has compiled a list of the top five of the choices that...


Hard Rock Cafe and its Menu “Veg”

On the occasion of the Awareness Month Vegetarian, organized by the World Vegetarian Day, the Hard Rock Cafe is launching a version of the veg-friendly in their menus. From 3 October until 13 November 2016, even in the Hard Rock Cafe Italian in Rome, Florence and Venice, it will be possible to try a...

10 recipes with Mushrooms

Mushrooms in Italian cooking are important, a natural extension from the earth and its fruits, from our tables, every region has its favorites, depending on the conformation of the territory and consequently the type of fungus most common in the place, are living organisms biologically similar to vegetable.Among...