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Lavena Ponte Tresa, the minority: “No one has left only Mastromarino on gambling”

Has created controversy in Lavena Ponte Tresa the absence in the last session of the municipal council of the minority, after which the mayor Massimo Mastromarino, at the conclusion of the town meeting, he attacked the group's “Together we can”, guilty of having “left alone” in the approval of the regulation...

Lavena Ponte Tresa, the future and the budget of the centre of the last city council

A town council very long and intense, with themes very significant that he did not see any absent among the stalls, the one that was held in the evening of the last Monday in Lavena Ponte Tresa. After the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting, was followed by the approval of the bylaw for the...


Lavena Ponte Tresa approves the budget, the municipal council, intense and turned on

A municipal council that has hosted the themes very significant one held in the evening of Thursday, February 16 at the hall of the meetings of the Municipality of Lavena Ponte Tresa. Many of the items on the agenda, among them the one which required the longest and most detailed discussion attracting...