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The USA wants to limit exports of certain technologies also developed by Apple

The Department of Commerce of the United States is examining the possibility of controlling the export of certain technologies to other countries, a list that also includes areas that directly affect Apple's processors, artificial intelligence, computer vision and natural language processing. With this...


The parents had never changed a nappy, a baby of 4 months, dies of infection

Horror in the United States where a couple of parents and has left to die so the son of four months From the United States Of America comes news of the surreal that has shocked public opinion as a whole. A dramatic story that reaches from the Mississippi, and which concerns a baby of just four months....

The american teenagers far prefer the iPhone

Once again, and without too many surprises, a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray confirmed that teenagers americans far prefer the iPhone to any other smartphone on the market. From this survey show that 82% of respondents own an iPhone. This number is increased compared to 78% in 2017, and it seems to...