Ursula bennardo

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Maria De Filippi in a state of shock, Sossio'aruta and the phrase on his penis: ‘She woke up when...’

The note presenter of Men and Women troubled for a sentence of the former knight Last Thursday the episode dedicated to the Throne of classic Men and Women is not aired in order to give space to the first special dedicated to Tempation Island Vip.In the appointment in question, conducted by Maria De...


Temptation Island Vip: heavy criticism for Sossio'aruta

Heavy criticism for Sossio Since it began Temptation Island Vip, Sossio'aruta has never hidden his interest for the single Sara Melucci. During the fire of confrontation has not only apologized to his girlfriend Ursula Bennardo, but he also had the courage to criticize it and offend her. For these reasons,...

Temptation Island Vip: the surprise ending that is discussed

In the last episode of Temptation Island Vip is success something unexpected. This is what it is. Temptation Island Vip: the final comparison of the pairs The last episode of Temptation Island Vip has been dedicated entirely to the last three couples remaining in the program until the end. As had already...