Update Clash Royale March

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3 New Leagues in the Clash Royale, and the New Arena Mount wild Boar + VIDEO

As has been announced in the Sneak Peek #3, there will be a new Arena available on the Clash Royale: the Arena Mount wild Boar (or Mountain Tamer), which will be split into leagues and from 3800 trophies will be available at the Arena Legendary that will take on a completely new graphics. We have collected...


Leak 4 new cards revealed in one screen: real or fake?

After the publication of the leak to the update to the Clash Royale of March, Supercell went in to confirm, indirectly, some points such as the release date of the new event, Clan Battle, or the change of days on the Trunk of the Clan. From this we can infer that the list may very well be true. Also...

Exclusive Leak Update Clash Royale March: 4 New Cards, New Trunks, Balancing, New Challenges, and release Date

News shocking, Clasher: on Reddit was leakato the entire update March Clash Royale. Shows the 4 new cards like the Berries of the forest or the Goblin Ninja, 2 new trunks, new systems of ranking to the arena, new balance, new offers available, and much, much more!