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The standard Emoji 12 is shown in a first preview

Among the new features coming with the update 12.1 of the iOS, also the new emoji that will be made to integrate on iOS the standard Emoji 11. Directly from Emojipedia arrive, however, new advances on the Emoji 12, the new standard in arrival in the course of 2019, and that should presumably be built...

Unicode approving 157 new Emoji [Video]

Unicode, the consortium leader in the field of the standard text, as well as the father of the famous Emoji, signing officially the closure of the package of same name “Emoji 11.0“.As we show in the preview of the website Emojipedia, soon our devices will give us the ability to add to our text messages...

Emoji Request: choose the emoji that you would like!

This is the “Emoji Request”, that is, the list of the desires of emoji that allows you to rate the faces to be introduced, possibly in the near future.The emoji are the most short and modern, to express a state of mind, their emotions, or else during the conversations about the most well-known messaging...