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Ulysses-The joy of discovery: Alberto Angela takes us into the world of Ben Hur

A new episode of Ulysses-The pleasure of the discovery will be broadcast this week on Bbc1. Alberto Angela is back on Saturday evening and unable to “press and blow” as they say in the jargon, against one of the horses of Mediaset, You you que vales last Saturday has resulted in the first record of the...


Ulysses-The joy of discovery is back on Rai 1: the journey in the land of Jesus

Alberto Angela is back with a new edition of Ulysses-the joy of discovery. And also this year, the Rai tip on the orator for the Saturday evening post. It will not be an easy mission, as remembered by the same Alberto Angela, in the episode of The live life of which he was a guest, bring this kind of...

Cassano Valcuvia, on Saturday, the Theatre on the outskirts closes the season with Joyce

Closes with a classic, scheduled for Saturday, April 28, the festival 2018 curated by Theatre on the outskirts for the Town of Cassano Valcuvia. “The Soft, fun behind Joyce” is in fact a reinterpretation of the monologue of Molly Bloom that closes Ulysses, the masterpiece of irish playwright. Fragments...