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Gemini, horoscope of Paul Fox April 2019: what are the predictions?

How will the month of April 2019 for those born under the sign of gemini? We discover it thanks to the horoscope of Paul Fox on love, work and health. Those born under this sign will have a first part of the month is difficult from all points of view. But at the end of April, things improve significantly,...


Gemini, horoscope of Paul Fox December 2018: what the stars say?

Tell us what the stars of gemini as for the month of December 2018? Paul Fox lets us know that in love, work and health things will be a bit rough and there will be insecurities in anxiety. It is not the ideal time to do big projects with the partners and the work will result in a great expenditure of...

JLo, selfie with Emme

Photo: @ Instagram/ Jennifer LopezBetween a concert and a meeting with Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez is also the time to do the mum and, judging from what his children are affectionate towards her, I would say that is does really well!At the weekend, the singer america has decided to devote himself...