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Class Action lawsuit against Apple, in the viewfinder the Season Pack of iTunes

Apple is facing a new class action filed in the state of California, this time relative to the packages of show and TV series sold on the iTunes Store. According to the indictment, Apple has the clip promotional as episodes, deceiving the buyers of the Season Pack. On the iTunes Store, Apple allows customers...

Online the final trailer of the Titans!

The first episode premiered only a few hours ago during the New York Comic-con (finding that the consents general present), and, now, Titans is the show with the final trailer spread online a few minutes ago. You can take a look at the new trailer of the tv series, DC, has been renewed for a second season...

Outcast has been officially cancelled

Outcast, the tv series comes from the homonymous series of comics created by the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, has been officially cancelled by Cinemax and will not see a third season. Cinemax has cleared, officially, the tv series Outcast. A third season of the show will never be made...