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Netflix: here is the incoming news in the catalog for the month of January 2019

With a post published through his Twitter account the official Netflix Italia has announced the incoming news in the catalog for the month of January 2019. Here is the incoming news on the catalog of Netflix Italy for the month of January 2019, including zombies, vulcans and events in the not-too-fortunate...


The Soldier of the Winter, and Falcon will be back together again in a TV series

After the TV series Scarlet Witch and Loki, Disney announced it had hired Malcolm Spellman (Empire) to write the screenplay for a new TV series starring The Soldier in the Winter and Falcon. The Soldier of Winter and Falcon the protagonists of a new TV series by Marvel Studios arriving on the streaming...

Online the final trailer of the Titans!

The first episode premiered only a few hours ago during the New York Comic-con (finding that the consents general present), and, now, Titans is the show with the final trailer spread online a few minutes ago. You can take a look at the new trailer of the tv series, DC, has been renewed for a second season...