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Martin Scorsese is developing a tv series about Julius Caesar, with the screenwriter of " Vikings

Martin Scorsese is now working on a new tv series, which will be based on the life of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. Involved in the project there is also the scriptwriter, Michael Hirst, maybe some of you will know of another famous tv series: Vikings!As reported by the Guardian, the show will...


The Innocents: between adolescence and the paranormal, here is the promo of the new TV series on Netflix!

June embarks on an adventure with her boyfriend, Harry, to escape from their lives and start again. Or so they think.Soon realise that nothing is what it seems. And in this world, the only way to survive is to change.Netflix has released online the first promotional trailer of The Innocents, the new...

The Terror, the horror series produced by Ridley Scott, it shows you in a new featurette

The horror series produced by Ridley Scott, The Terror, will arrive on cable tv and the stars and stripes only on the 26th of march but, in the meantime, we can give you a new look thanks to the featurette online from a few hours from IGN.In the video, the production and the cast talking about the characters...