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Ambra Angiolini in St. John the desert for the First of May: bright eyes and a voice broken by emotion

We did not expect to see her in the Piazza San Giovanni totally empty, deserted. And instead Ambra Angiolini has chosen to start where all, usually, has a meaning. The great piazza of Rome that is filled every year, on the occasion of the concert of the first of may, today it is deserted. Italy prepares...

Begins the phase 2 of Maria de Filippi Men and Women, and Special Friends and Temptation Island

For Maria de Filippi begins phase 2. The host in reality has never stopped in these farms, even if he had to revise much in its programs. Before a different edition of Friends, an edition that will certainly in the history of television. Then a new formula for Men and Women, widely rejected by the public...