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The Rai of September: there is no space for the Said Fact and The proof of the cook

You re-plan the schedules for the summer to save money, but most of the new rules, because at least until June you will have to go on the air, avoiding gatherings and following the rules of spacing, but you also think about what will be the month of September!!! It is also believed to the autumn season,...


Giulia de Lellis and Andrea Damante set to True with the video messages: how to live this quarantine

Verissimo tries to give, in addition to the replies, something new to his audience and does so with the video messages from guests that they send to the editor. Short but intense as those seen last Saturday ! And in the episode of "True" in onda l’11 April 2020 reconfirms this experiment, with other...

Collapsing the ratings of the afternoon: the italians come out or turn off the tv?

You know that always, the arrival of April also marks the first great decrease in the physiological, for what concerns the ratings, in particular those of the afternoon. We thought that this year, because of the forced quarantine, things would change, since you do not work, do not go to school and stay...