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A special friendship between Flora Canto and Tosca D Aquino, laughter and emotions to Come to me (Photo)

Among today's guests of Caterina Balivo Come from me, Tosca d Aquino has the video of Flora Song (photos). He has many female friends, the actress bell but with Flora Singing it seems there is a bond very special. It is the companion of Enrico Brignano to tell in the video sent to the program. He did...


Boom of plays for Men and Women, and there are those who speak of Ida Plane as the new Gemma Galgani

Bet absolutely by the record ratings that of Men and Women in the wave on the 22nd of October 2019. And of course we talk about an episode dedicated to the throne over. For years now, in fact, the adventures of knights and ladies, record, listen a lot more interesting than the ones in the throne classic...

Clash between Daniele Persegani and Cynthia Fumagalli, to the test of The cook, Elisa Isoardi ensures that it is all true (Photos)

If you thought even for a moment that the riots in The proof of the cook between the jury and the chefs or maestros in the kitchen are organized, you are wrong because just today, Elisa Isoardi has confessed that it's all true (photo). Another clash in The proof of the cook today, or rather between Cynthia...